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Beauhorn er en familiebedrift som lager hornhøyttalere bestykket med ett fulltoneelement. Høyttalerne har høy virkningsgrad, spesielt egnet for single ended rørforstekere med lav effekt.

Virtuoso Reference

"The Beauhorn Virtuosos simply make music of all kinds more interesting and involving than conventional speakers."
Paul Messenger, HI-FI+

"The thing that first attracted me to the Beauhorns was their unusually seamless tonal balance; achieved without sacrificing the speed and immediacy which justifies their obsessive pursuit of high efficiency."
Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+

"Each hefty, furniture-grade Virtuoso houses a 20cm DX4 Lowther driver, which looks after the entire frequency range. This driver isn’t seen too often, each costing no less than £540. By comparison, the drivers used on most price rivals rarely cost more than a £100 per unit."
Ketan Bharadia, What Hi-Fi

"The lasting overall impression remains that of great naturalness, lightning-fast transients and beautiful cohesion."
Jon Marks, Hi-Fi World

Høyttalerelement: Lowther DX4 (England)
Følsomhet: 106dB
Vekt: 35 kg.
Størrelse (BxHxD): 336x1045x672 mm.

B2.3 Revelation

"These four speakers all do various things in very different ways, and beautifully illustrate the broad range of options that co-exist on the loudspeaker scene. There's no one 'right' approach - merely a collection of compromises which the enthusiast would do well to bear in mind when choosing his/her speakers. Which would I choose? Probably, and perhaps surprisingly, the Beauhorns, but these are all class acts in their different ways, and I could probably live happily enough with any of them."
(To av de andre høyttalerne som ble testet kostet hhv. £45.000,- og £10.000,-)
Paul Messenger, HI-FI+

"...But it's also one of the most effective and convincing music speakers you're ever likely to hear. It doesn't take long to forget about the hi-fi and simply get deeply involved in the musical content, thanks to the astonishing sense of realism that comes courtesy of tight midband time-coherence alongside dynamic contrasts that simply sound more 'right' and 'real' than those heard with more conventional speakers."
Paul Messenger, Hi-Fi Choice

"Listening to the midband zone: Voices have a naturalness that I have only heard betterd by the LS3/5a and the original Quads."
Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News

"It's a brave product, and it's one that deserves to succeed. Life ís too short for boring hi-fi and the B2 is anything but. Bravo Beauhorn!"
Roy Gregory, Hi-fi+

Høyttalerelement: ATD (Italia)
Følsomhet: 98dB
Størrelse (BxHxD): 340x1300x740 mm.

Modell Pris
Virtuoso Ref. 103.600,-
B2.3 Rev. 52.900,-

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